Buster Brands

Buster Brands

Techtao led the strategy, design, and implementation for the relaunch of the Buster Brands website. The challenge Techtao faced was how to transform a website that was built to only sell product directly to consumers into a website that integrated and enhanced all of Buster Brands marketing, advertising and in-store promotions. We quickly realized that Buster Brands needed a new solid branding foundation to support their line of products. We started this initiative with a slogan exploratory and ultimately came up with a winner, “The new era of sinus relief begins here”.  We are delighted with the results; the Home page was designed to showcase the Brand and this slogan. Additionally, the slogan we developed became part of the radio advertising and in-store promotions.

Together with building the website, a Buster Brands Facebook community was nurtured. Testimonials from the Facebook page were gathered and highlighted on the website. Plus, the website was built to have multiple linkages with the ardent Buster Bands Fans on Facebook. Also, the new Buster Brands website included a great new streamlined online store.

Visit busterbrands.com.

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