Kindle Fire Arrived Today

I received my new Kindle Fire today.  Here are some of my initial thoughts.

The packaging was delightfully elegant and simple.  Heck, the shipper was the packaging.  Plus, the extent of the written directions was just one card the size of a playing card.

The set-up and logging in was flawless and I easily was able to log into my Amazon, Audible, and Facebook accounts.  From an entertainment viewpoint this is enough material to engage me for months.  Plus, just to see, I downloaded the first episode of Grimm – very quick.

Now onto the device itself — My Kindle Fire is the size of my Kindle 3, but with a color screen that is bright, crisp and totally satisfying.   The built-in speakers are fine for the quite room that I’m in and seem as good or better than my iPad 2.  However, the surprise to me is how solid and substantial this small device feels.  I get the impression that there is a lot of technology build into this little “box”.

Over the next few weeks, I’m curious how I’m going to integrate the Fire into my life.  Currently, I use the Kindle 3 for reading the WSJ in the morning and an iPad 2 on the go throughout the day as a wonderful tool for email, note-taking, music, and updated news feeds.  My Kindle 3, iPad, and iPhone have the ability to connect without a WiFi connection, I’m wondering if this may limit my usage of the Fire since it any can connect via WiFi.

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