Get Ready – A New Age is Coming

In the future, to be successful you need to master Focus, Learning, & Play

I’m the president of Techtao, a marketing consultancy. I work with clients to expand their businesses and bring in more profitable sales.   Additionally, I’m a professional member of the World Future Society. I’m always learning about future possibilities and how to best prepare for these futures.

One of the things that the World Future Society has highlighted for me is that the world is on the verge of an Age change.  This change is going to be as profound as moving from the Agricultural Age to the Industrial Age – new jobs, new products, & new ways to go-to-market.

Until recently, I found it easy to look into the future and imagine how this new Age may look.  I was able to take a possible game changer like 3D printing or quantum computing and extrapolate changes in our world.  Now, there are multiple advances that are all happening at once.  My clear vision of the future is gone!

In thinking about the coming Age change, the metaphor I use is one of a tidal wave.  While on the beach and a tidal wave is coming, one can see the tide rapidly going out and then a gigantic wave filling the horizon and coming at you.  You can clearly see the wave coming.  Then the wave hits, and your vision is gone, and all you can do is kick, swim, and try to keep your head above the water to breathe.  Well, the Age change tidal wave is hitting our world.

You need three tools to handle this maelstrom of change.  You need to be able to focus, to quickly learn new things, and to master the art of play.

Ability to focus — All around us there is a calliope of sounds crying for our attention.  To succeed in the future, you will have to focus and apply all of your attention to the task at hand.   You will have to be able to start projects and then relentlessly work on finishing the task at hand.  With so many more things demanding our attention, a key to success will be that ability to focus and successfully complete the goals you set out for yourself.

Lifelong learning – With the coming Age change, past knowledge will be quickly dated.  But, the ability to learn and master new things will be highly valued.

I’ve heard that more that 60% of jobs that college graduates will be doing in 2030 do not even have a name yet.  As time moves on, there is going to be an ever-increasing number of new technologies, new interfaces, new tools, and new jobs.  All of these new things will require the ability to learn.   Learning will be highly valued.

The Art of Play

In the future, those who can master the art of play are going to be successful.  Play is a catalyst of imagination and engaging others.  Getting the most out of yourself and teams.

  • Play allows uncritical acceptance.
  • Enables deep immersion in an idea.
  • Uses all capabilities.
  • Opens a window to the seemingly impossible.

Tom’s 10 Rules for Playfulness

  1. Be aware of the mindset of others.

  2. Create a safe place.

  3. Offer an invitation.

  4. Include everyone and start with yourself.

  5. Make fun of yourself, never others.

  6. Celebrate others.

  7. Be kind, thoughtful & gentle.

  8. Keep play as play.

  9. Keep your playfulness G-rated.

  10. Let your judgement be your guide.

To be PLAYFUL is to create a space where people are eager to rush in with open arms.

  • A place of infinite possibilities, a place of joy.
  • A place to explore new desires.

“We are never more fully alive, more completely ourselves, or more deeply engrossed in anything, than when we are at play.”
~ Charles E. Schaefer

“If life doesn’t offer a game worth playing, then invent a new one. ~ Anthony J. D’Angelo, The College Blue Book

God is happiest when his children are at play ~ The Legend of Bagger Vance





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