Apple Watch – Initial Glimpse

Ordering and receiving a new Apple device is like Christmas when I was 8 years old.  It’s full of gleeful expectations and barely bridled excitement.

I got up in the middle of the night and my Apple Watch order was received 8 minutes after the Apple Store opened.  I received my Apple Watch yesterday (April 27th, 2015).  I’m delighted with my purchase.

The watch is gorgeous and fits nicely on my wrist.  I’m finding the functionality to be intuitive. I’m enjoying the learning curve.  I’m looking forward to when I interact with my Apple Watch automatically and it seamlessly fits into my life.

When I went to the YMCA this morning at 5am, I brought my Apple Watch and some Bluetooth headphones.  I had downloaded to my watch some great workout music.  Through trial and error, I was able to get the music playing.  Learning how to set up the exercise apps on the watch is going to take some more practice.

Even though I’ve been working out religiously for the last 14 months, I have not been using any monitoring devices.  I’ve been waiting for my Apple Watch.

I have a series of routines that I do and I pay attention to how my body feels and the amount of sweat I’m producing.  Now I’m curious if with the Apple Watch, I intensify my workouts.

I’ve had the watch for less than 24 hours and the one positive physical change the watch is encouraging is that I stand up and move around every hour.  Sometimes I get lost in what I’m working on and a gentle reminder to stand up and move around is a positive thing.

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