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The question I’m asking is, “Does living with my Apple Watch enhance my workout regimen?”

I’m starting the second week with my Apple Watch. As some of you know, for the last 15 months, I’ve been watching my weight and exercising. With Weight Watchers, I’ve said good bye to over 100 lbs!

Until I received my Apple Watch, I have not been using any type of exercise device or app. I was waiting on the Apple Watch.

My workouts have been solid. I listen to podcasts, music, or books. I workout hard and gage my sweat. I’ve been combining aerobics with anaerobic activities. In other words, when I go to the YMCA in the morning, I do the Arc Trainer (Elliptical) for 25 minutes and then lift weights for 45 minutes. I’m making progress, feeling stronger and losing unwanted pounds.

At the beginning of this year, I decided that in addition to going to the YMCA every other day, I would row on my off days. This workout regimen is rewarded by the Apple workout app. For example, I just received a 7-workout Week achievement award from my Watch. Ahh, the little joys of life.

This morning, I got up early for a 5am start at the YMCA. I had my water, Bluetooth headset on with a podcast playing.   I jumped on the Arc Trainer and started exercising. Ten minutes into the exercise, I was curious about my heart rate. I looked at my watch and realized I had been workout hard for 10 plus minutes without the exercise app engaged.

I was sweating; I knew I was working out hard. However, I was not recording this effort on my Watch. What should I do?

Before I had the Watch, I would have not cared about any historical record of my workout.   Heck, I did not even have one! Things were different this morning. On the fly, I engaged my Watch for 25 minutes of Elliptical and did that time and one minute more.

Here’s evidence that the Watch changed my behavior and that can be a competitive over achiever. 😉





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