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I’ve had my Apple Watch for 6 days now. I’m enjoying the utility of wearing the watch; this is after years of not wearing one.

I’m interacting with time differently. I used to always be aware of the time by looking at my phone, computer or the myriad of clocks that surround me.

  • The kitchen clocks (e.g. oven, microwave, big wall clock)
  • Two bedroom clocks (each one viewable from whatever side I was sleeping on)
  • Living room clock
  • Digital clock in my car

Everywhere clocks! I would spend a portion of my awareness noting the time. This sometimes would interfere with the flow of my thoughts.

With the Apple Watch, I have found that I’m off loading the worry about time and the concern about “being late for a meeting”. Granted, in the past, I’ve put meeting notices the pop up on my phone and my Mac computers. However, I’m not always at my computer or have ready access to my iPhone. The Watch is there, on my wrist and when a meeting or event comes up, I get a gentle touch on my wrist.

Now when I’m working on a project, I give it my entire unfetter attention.

I’m practicing being mindful and living in the now!

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