Techtao® is a strategy-driven interactive marketing consultancy that specializes in providing world-class innovation solutions and online marketing services to small and large companies alike. We provide state-of-the-art strategic thinking that increases profitable sales and moves your business ahead in the marketplace.

Tom McMillian, President of Techtao, has been immersed in bringing innovate thinking to companies as well as integrated interactive marketing since 1999. He was the director of eBusiness for Warner-Lambert. From 2001 – 2007, he was the director of Relationship & Interactive Marketing for Pfizer and then Johnson & Johnson. He led the creation of the award winning email campaign “Pfizer for Living”. Plus, he successfully delivered four monthly email campaigns to 3+ million opt-in email addresses. Additionally, he led the development of 50+ profit-producing websites (e.g. Listerine.com, Benadryl.com, Rogaine.com, Lubriderm.com and Rolaids.com).

While at Pfizer, Tom was on the core team that brought innovation-cultural-change to the Pfizer. Not only was Tom instrumental in the creation and development of Pfizer Consumer Healthcare’s new innovation process, but also Tom was the highest ranked innovation instructor. In recognition of his efforts, Pfizer awarded Tom the W.E. Upjohn award for Innovation.

Besides working for Fortune 100 companies, Tom was the VP of marketing for boutique interactive agencies. Since the beginning of 2009, Tom has been the President of Techtao and has been applying all of his skills, expertise, creativity, and passion for building businesses.

Tom has received the best of educations.

  • MBA from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business
  • Undergraduate degree from Harvard University

Tom is recognized by NJ Entrepreneur as New Jersey’s Marketing Expert. He is a frequent contributor to their magazine. Here are some of his recent articles.

Tom is a consummate marketer. He loves new challenges and working with clients to make their businesses more profitable. Give him a call at (973) 610 5057.


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"Tom is an outstanding business professional. He is a highly creative and innovative thinker who creates new strategies, business models, and go to market approaches. He has excellent business judgement and values and is a pleasure to work with.”"

Richard Hoynes, CIO, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare

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