Techtao is a strategy-driven marketing consultancy that specializes to providing world-class innovation solutions and marketing services to small and large companies alike.

Techtao’s innovation philosophy is predicated upon the idea that everyone can be creative and can participate in the innovation process. The fuel of innovation within a company depends upon an agreed upon language and a shared innovation process. Techtao is a master at bringing these solutions to companies.



At Techtao, we pride ourselves on developing profitable marketing campaigns. These campaigns result from well-grounded strategies coupled with compelling creative that engages the target audience.

We believe that whether marketing for a company/product/service, all the marketing should be integrated and reinforce key marketing messages of your Brand. Furthermore, the “Holy Grail” of our marketing campaigns is the recruitment, education and motivation of Brand Advocates.  These “Evangelists” have the ability to radically augment key marketing messages to wide audiences in a voice that consumers are willing to listen to and believe.

At Techtao, we use our knowledge of the marketplace, strategic insights, creative talents, and technological prowess to harmoniously deliver our client’s key marketing messages. In other words, we create messaging that customers want to receive and act upon. Our goal is to use the wealth of technological tools and available social marketing services to positively position your company on the Internet and most importantly in the minds of your customers.

The creative use of social media is still in its infancy. We use social marketing to bring customers to your website as well as extend the reach of your messaging to where the traffic resides. We call this “Reach with Relevancy”.

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"Tom is an outstanding business professional. He is a highly creative and innovative thinker who creates new strategies, business models, and go to market approaches. He has excellent business judgement and values and is a pleasure to work with.”"

Richard Hoynes, CIO, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare

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