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Techtao has a passion for engendering innovative thinking with companies. Whether working with teams to galvanize their creativity to develop new products and ways to go-to-market or by working with management to weave innovation into cultural change.

Techtao works with companies to create their own innovation process and language. Sometimes, clients who have no established process have asked Techtao to jump-start their innovation. In these cases, Techtao uses the following seven-step innovation process:

  • Focus – Define the objective
  • Explore – Make new discoveries
  • Synthesize –Identify patterns/headlines
  • Generate – Create multiple options
  • Validate – Refine & select best options
  • Chart – Develop implementation plan
  • Implement – Bring ideas to life

If you’re interested in exploring ways to bring more actionable innovation into your company, please call Techtao and ask for Tom McMillian, (973) 610-5057.

Online Qualitative Research

Techtao can help you know the mind of your customer. Techtao has had many successes creating proprietary online monitored focus groups that are asynchronous in time and have lasted for up to 16 weeks. These online discussion groups, have helped companies answer questions such as:

  • How are consumers using my product and other products within the category?
  • What is working and what needs improvement?
  • How can the packaging be improved?
  • What product services need to be improved?
  • What are some new product ideas?
  • What is the perception of my new advertising or the breaking advertising of a competitor?
  • Why do consumers switch back and forth between brands?
  • How can my brand combat the competition of Private Label?

Techtao has the ability to recruit targeted groups in the USA and from around the world. Recently, we’ve created a network that enables the successful execution of moderated online focus groups in multiple languages and in many countries around the world.

Effective Marketing

Highly effective marketing results from a well-designed strategy coupled with compelling creative that engages the target audience. Plus, all marketing initiatives should work in an integrated fashion, reinforcing the key marketing messages.

Techtao’s passion and expertise is developing strategically-based and compelling marketing executions that drive profitable sales.  We develop integrated marketing campaigns that include social media, relationship marketing campaigns, direct mail, and website powered by state-of-the-art SEM and SEO.

Classic marketing moves consumers from Awareness to Interest to Trial to Re-Purchase to Loyalty. Today there are an abundance of platforms and tools that can create the “Holy Grail” of all marketing campaigns, Brand Advocates. Techtao has found that marketing campaigns that recruit, educate, and motivate Brand Advocates are very powerful and cost effective.

Where television advertising was the most powerful marketing tool of the twentieth century, as we move into the future, Brand Advocacy is going to eclipse the effectiveness of TV ads. Since his days at Pfizer, Tom McMillian has been experimenting, writing about, and executing Brand Advocacy campaigns.  Advocacy Marketing has become an expertise of Techtao and is implicitly woven into all the marketing we do.

Techtao believes that all successful marketing is interactive. In other words, it elicits a response from the targeted audience and Techtao has metrics in place that gauge the effective of market initiatives. We believe that listening to the customer and measuring their actions allows us to work in collaborative fashion that improves and hones our marketing over time.

CMO for Hire

Techtao works with companies to provide all of their marketing needs from strategic development to tactical execution. Techtao becomes a valued part of a company’s leadership team.

Techtao has the good fortune of being a part-time CMO for many small companies. When initiating a CMO engagement, Techtao does an in-depth review of the marketplace, competition, consumer needs, and the company’s own strengths and weaknesses. Working closely with the management team, Techtao develops an agreed-upon strategy and actionable Operating Plans. This leads to executing integrated compelling messaging in the marketplace.

Since marketing budgets are tight, Techtao’s go-to-market methodology is to execute multiple in-market tests with pre-determined success metrics. Techtao then invests more in what’s working and stops or improves the marketing initiatives that are not working. In other words fail quickly while in long run develop powerful winning marketing campaigns.


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"Tom is an outstanding business professional. He is a highly creative and innovative thinker who creates new strategies, business models, and go to market approaches. He has excellent business judgement and values and is a pleasure to work with.”"

Richard Hoynes, CIO, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare

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